Friday, 20 March 2015

Losing the High Heels

Do you feel lucky punk?
You may have noticed that fairly ironically after our 100th post, declaring that we going stronger than ever earlier in the week, that we haven't posted anything since... Well, between general life stuffs and waiting on a few things (five to be exact...) we have been a little light on posts.

So, what better time to tell you about the pain staking, almost-not-worth-it conversion I have done on my Annihilator!

Amongst my winnings from Invasion I as allowed to pick up to three blisters worth of goodies. Seizing my chance, and in true opportunistic fashion, I picked up a Salakhan Alexander, Karl Foley Hellhog and an Annihilator. I've wanted this beauteous chunk of resin for a while, but hadn't picked one up due to a couple of reasons; the price point and the scale of games I was playing at the time (it's hard to fit in 1500pts!). One aspect had always bothered me about the model though, and that is the legs.

For this Art Attack you will need a sharp craft knife (careful kids), a pin vice and appropriately sized drill bits, pins (paper clips in my case), and super glue. Oh, and the model. Yes, that's important that bit. 

They are too slender and too straight. They have been describe by many a gamer as chicken legs. On top of this they have these weird high heels, which are a mini skirt away from strutting their stuff down the local disco. They look like they would snap under any pressure, and as the gun produces an enormous amount of energy it never sat right with me. So, they had to be changed.

The aim was to produce something a little more hulking, to look like the walker was setting up to
Bendy Bendy Legs
dump its massive plasma overload on some unsuspecting victims. To do this I had a good look at the legs, and decided to cut them around the joins where the they would bend and pin them back into the desired position. This took some careful slicing and a fair bit of swearing, and then a little bit of patience when pinning them back together as I needed them to be as identical as possible.

Pleased with the results, I played with positioning the legs into the model with the ball joints, and quickly realised a couple of issues:

  1. With the new bent, cowboy legs they would not fit in the ball joint socket with the specially designed holders. This meant I would have to glue it into place, and not worry about the flying stance.
  2. By gluing the legs it meant an increased chance of breakages, so I would have to pin them in.

Annoying on both fronts, but not an issue really. I have been pinning far more difficult models for a long time, so they went in no problem, and voilĂ ! I am left with one bad ass Clint Eastwood, Gorilla Mothertrucker. I'm pleased with it, although it is a nightmare to pack in a case. Just one of those little sacrifices I have to make as a fussy gamer I suppose. What was also quite nice about this task was that I was able to get my creative plasma flowing once more. As mentioned in my Despoiler post, DzC although brilliant is a little stifling in the conversion area. But there we are.

I hope you like it! If not.. well... I like it. So actually, I don't care if you like it or not! Yeh, that's right, eat it haters!

Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn't have messed with? That’s me.


  1. nice... i actually really approve!

  2. Just got to say that even without me commenting, I really like these posts. It is just not so much to comment as there are few discussion points except that it is great work. The more love to the Scourge the better. /Egge