Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Getting Boots On The Ground

Unlike Mike's (not-so-secret) secret Resistance project, I have been very open about my junk town project. Also unlike Mike, while he has been grafting away behind the curtain (and I will say, they are looking very nice) I have been, well, stagnant in my effort.

This weekend though I found a bit of time and had a go at my Occupation Veterans, and I am very happy with the result!

The aim of the infantry in this army is to replicate the look of being inside a building, or in the case of my vets in and around it. I was lucky enough to win a three tier MDF Blotz building at a tournament in Brighton, and decided to use the top tier of the centre piece to help make these...

The execution in reality is far simpler than it looks; I measured out what I needed to cut from building, and super glued it to the base. Next I used balsa wood to create flooring and an off-cut from an MDF building kit to make the outside step. The doors are made from plasti-card (as this building actually had no doors, I had to make some), and I used green stuff to make a man cover and drain pipe (I'm guessing that in the next few hundred years they don't discover a more efficient way of getting rid of rain water). Using balsa wood to make a few window barricades and the table, and we're basically done!

I was always skeptical of how well metal would stick to balsa wood, but it turns that (with an ample application) it sticks plenty fine! Laser cut MDF on the other hand is a bit more of a problem...

These guys were much more simple, but the slow drying of metal to the MDF meant I had to prop the little men up whilst the glue solidified.

Between blowing plumes of MDF dust into the air and gluing my fingers together, a thought struck me regarding the building; why not use it as part of a diorama? I always planned to have a display board for this army, and this seems like a great place to start.

That's it for now - slow and steady and all that jazz. You never know, I may even get a lick of paint on something soon!


  1. Really nice idea. Thanks for showing.

  2. Brilliant idea.


  3. Very nice. The cut in the MDF looks very clean - how did you do it?

    Regards Ljevid

    1. Cheers, used a hobby saw for the most of it, just pencilled the lines on the building for a guide.