Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Well Dan is a happy man, you can all give yourselves a huge pat on the back as we all get Frigates galore! (Just don't open your wallets for a good while yet)

From logging on to Kickstarter this morning wondering if we would get to 500k, to seeing that target smashed at time of writing is amazing.

There is still 24 hours to go, and I want to see the Scourge space station add-on unlocked.......

There is so much stuff I am excited for. I love the deluxe resin clusters, the modular space station (hopefully with the Scourge add on!). The Alien maps look superb, the launch assets are great and I haven't even got on to the ships yet....... too much cool stuff

Well done to Hawk Wargames for running an excellent Kickstarter campaign. I have been enthralled from day 1, and June can seriously hurry the fuck up! I just want to play the game.

Although I have a massive chob on for the Scourge my favourite ship of the entire campaign has to be the Adam Ant (Prince Charming, Prince Charming), it looks utterly terrifying and alluring at the same time. Almost like the Predator, when he de-masks

Anyway, it's late. I gotta be in work early - so we'll see you on the other side. OB out


  1. Yeeeeh boi, gimmie all that free stuff! It's well on its way to reaching the £600k mark too, which means free activation cards! Pledgepledgepledge people!

    Also, I'm happy that they finally changed the name of the game; that lead picture in this post is an official Hawk. Surprised they used paint though...

  2. 543,117k lbs @ 13 hours 2 go.

  3. 600k is certainly possible. I'd love some free activation cards :)

    And yeah, that new name for the game is killer. Why didn't we think of it????

  4. We're done, and we hit over 620,000 quid! Way to go! I'm amazed at the amount of stuff I'm getting with only the Lieutenant pledge.

  5. You're right, Mike, it was enthralling from the get-go! I spent the last hour glued to my monitor just watching the dollar count go up, and up, and up.... and up!!! There was a huge surge in the end that propelled us all to £629,222 ($960,606, almost a mil!)!

    I'm going to run out of exclamation marks writing about this amazing Kickstarter...

    Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to get to the US Beta Day... And explaining why I HAVE to go to my missus... 8^P

  6. I will still have to get a second set of activation cards. . . Will likely need 1 per 2 fleets