Friday, 4 December 2015

I'm Not Sure I Can Wait Until June?

Wow, now the madness has all settled down, we can take a step back and reflect on the last 12 hours of the Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter. The end figure soared up to a phenomenal £629,222, smashing every stretch goal along the way! Considering the most Hawk thought they would achieve was £150k, they can be incredibly pleased with a very successful campaign.

Team OB would like to say a whopping congratulations to the whole Hawk team! I hope that this success shifts the spotlight firmly onto them, and that both DfC and DzC reap the benefits from this excellent campaign.

All that's left to say is; June? Really? How do you expect me to wait that long?!?


  1. I am ECSTATIC! My first real kickstarter pledge and it is on something spectacular!

    Now its time to listen to the Lost Fleet Audio Book again to get my mind going in that line of thinking

  2. Well at least you (hope one of you OB guys pledged ADMIRAL) will get the beta rules and start play testing with BFG of FFG SWM as proxies.

    Plus, 2 months until Invasion.


    1. These guys get to play test everything normally!

  3. Yeah, I don't know if I can wait either. It's amazing the stuff we're getting, even at the lowest pledge. Here, allow me to demonstrate.

    What I bought:
    Lieutenant Pledge (PHR starter, deluxe rulebook)
    PHR Battlecruiser
    UCM Battlecruiser (for a friend)
    Launch assets
    Radar map

    What I end up getting:
    1 PHR cruiser
    4 PHR frigates
    1 PHR battlecruiser
    1 PHR starter pack
    1 UCM cruiser
    4 UCM frigates
    1 UCM battlecruiser
    1 Shaltari cruiser
    4 Shaltari frigates
    1 Scourge cruiser
    4 scourge frigates
    Launch assets
    Radar map mat
    UCM credit
    UCM dog tag
    Special backer's rules
    Special backer's shirt
    Deluxe rulebook

    That's what I call impressive.