Friday, 10 February 2017

OB Podcast Episode 19: Cone Of Shame

If I said to you that we don't talk between podcasts, would you believe me? That in the weeks, or sometimes months that we don't record we keep our maws firmly clamped and become mute? It would of course be a lie, but for the amount we do talk on microphone you'd be forgiven for believing me!

Episode 19 (kind of, actually mid twenties really) is a long one, but is worth the listen! We run through news, including Invasion news and some upcoming tournaments, introduce our brand new Dropfleet Commander section (In Space No One Can Hear You Scheme) and finish up on a delightful WAYPA?! where the boys run through their Invasion lists, and breakdown what they did and didn't like about them.

Mmm, tasty.

00:00:00 - Introductions
00:03:10 - News!
00:34:05 - In Space No One Can Hear You Scheme
01:05:55 - What Are You Playing At?!

Oh, and why Cone Of Shame? It has squat to do with the actual pod. Our pre-pod lubrication was Exploding Kittens (like a more aggressive, silly Uno) and Alex had the honour of being adorned with this beauty...

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  1. Me and a Talon built all those buildings :P Just look at the box and you can work out what goes where! :P

    1. You had the bonus of if you mucked it up, then you can open another. I don't have that luxury!!
      They are certainly not simple. Did you glue yours?

  2. Mike for reference we did finish a 6 turn game of fleet at the tournament too so it wasn't just you vs Ed

  3. Great timing! I'm doing a final painting sprint today to get a starter fleet ready for some convention demos and now i got something to mix up my usual painting audio of Orbital Mechanics and Arms Control Wonk.

  4. Good one! This was a super-enjoyable tournament for me, despite being responsible for Alex getting his second metal New Orleans of the event!

    At least next time I'll know that technicals can deploy and fire...

    Actually, I made quite a few silly mistakes this tournament although despite that (and drawing one, losing four), all of my games felt pretty close, and in all of them I felt that I had options to try to claw back something.

    It was my first time using an Overseer, and I tried to avoid the 'template' list. And it felt like the other Scourge players all tried to vary their lists too. I don't know what proportion of us were not 'top tier' players. It didn't feel to me that it needed toning down. I think the problem is, as Dan says, that the other HQs need toning up to make them attractive and interesting to play with.

  5. Great podcast, guys, thanks!

    And don't apologize for the length, I (at least) loved it!

    I don't agree with your assessment of the ground game in Dropfleet, but that is what it is. It does take some getting used to, but you can streamline it once you've got the hang of it.

    Looking forward to that video, and the post on the DFC FAQ, from Ed, and (at some point) a post from Joe.

    In the meantime, it's good to hear that you "love Dropzone again"!

    With any luck I'll be able to post up about the LVO some time this week (there I go making promises again!). Tons of fun, and a great time hanging out with Dave a lot.


  6. Personally, i'd prefer that Dropfleet be done on a separate podcast. That or give me an easy way to skip to the parts I do want to listen to.

    Just my opinion.

    Given the length of the podcast it felt to me that the invasion coverage was pretty minimal. While it is amusing to hear that Ed rolled double 6 followed by another 6 (He does that a lot against me as well). I kinda want to hear more analysis and strategy discussion.

    1. As always, appreciate the feedback. News and DfC (inparticular) had gone on for much longer than anticipated, which meant we didn't have much time for Invasion coverage. You could say that considering we said this episode would be DfC only, we covered 100% more DzC than anticipated!

      This pod also wasn't the forum for tactics discussions, and we will be following up with a tactical pod sometime in the near future.