Monday, 22 September 2014

Critical Engagement: Assault on Atlantia

Re-load your guns and double check your dropships fuel, as we are happy to present our second one day, 1500 point clash tournament of the year on Saturday 1st November! There will be three games, and we will be using the tournament pack Hawk have produced. The venue will be in Tolworth, South-West London, and if this doesn't excite you already the tickets are only £10!

That's right: £10!

Here is a small list of things that you can't buy for £10 any more (if you're not from the UK, this may be lost on you... Google it):
  • 100 Wham bars
  • A half decent pair of football boots
  • A single GW blister pack

But you can still get a whole days worth of enjoyment with us!

The rules pack will be up here in Early October. If you have any enquiries in the mean time just pop an email through to

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