Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Orbital Bombardment unleashed; Invasion deemed a success!

This is what faced us when we entered......

Invasion was AWESOME!
Here is a round-up of the weekend, some lovely pictures and some results thrown in too.
When we turned up, we were greeted not by smiling faces - but by a mahoosive Ares. The thing is about 600mm tall (that's 2 foot in old money). It is amazingly detailed and painted exceptionally well.

 After the good mornings, hellos, and man hugs were exchanged it was off to work for Orbital Bombardment. We registered and were then given our opponents - which happened to be done in alphabetical order! 

Alex (possible new member of team OB?)
was happy at being 3rd in the rankings before we started!

GettodaDropship apparently found his dropship
more on this later......
 Some 'games in progress' shots

Dan was NOT a happy bunny after a game 1 defeat!
Sad panda or grumpy Dan - you decide

Joe just wanted to be unleashed
we've had him in a box since Feb!
I think I'm explaining the finer points of man's existence.
Scrub that, I'm making Scourge noises! 

On day 2 Sgt. Slaughter was mightily impressed with his urban renewal. There are 7, yes 7 destroyed buildings with only 4 left standing. 

We were 1 man down for day 2, James (Gettodadropship) was de-materialised back to the mother ship. This gave us a serious disadvantage for the best team award.

After 4 games it came down to Dan and I on table 1 (Dan on 60, me on 55 points) Table 2 was Ed and his opponent both on 54 points

MegaMike vs ZombieState Game 5's epic tussle

Our game finished in a draw - it was one of the hardest games either of us has had, very tight and very tactical. Luckily this was enough to keep Dan at the top of the pile, but only just! Ed got a solid win and leapt ahead of me - fully deserved I might add. 

During the prize giving, Simon decided to give us a song
Bon Jovi's Bed of Roses was his choice
(this didn't really happen - I kinda wish it did though)

So Orbital Bombardment took 1st, 2nd and 3rd - and here we are in all our glory claiming our prizes!
I was really pleased to see all 4 factions represented in the top 5. Now time to bring on the Resistance and mix it up a bit more.

We all had a tremendous time, but we missed out on best team to Harrogate Wargamers by a very close margin. We will all be back in the new year to reclaim that team award. Harrogate we're coming for you!

A massive thank-you to Hawk and their extended family, without you guys it wouldn't be possible to have this beautiful game and event!

the whole grubby lot of us!
Final standings (courtesy of Simon himself)


  1. nice one... maybe a list of played Factions would be interesting?

    1. I was hoping that the results list from Hawk would have have that info, sadly it didn't!
      From what I remember:
      this was the top 5