Wednesday, 3 September 2014

On killing things, and making it snappy

I often find that I'm behind on things. Now, this isn’t always a bad thing in life, and for me as for many others it’s not that we haven’t done things yet, it’s just that we haven’t got there yet.

This is all by way of say I’m still playing with the army I started out with i.e basic wave 1 Shaltari, and apart from the odd won blister and one or two jaguars I haven’t really added much more. Still got the Kukris, still got no firstborns, and Tomahawks are always in my list*.

This makes me feel more than a tad fraudulent, given that I and others helped play test the units in the first place. Almost like I know a hidden weakness to them that I haven’t as yet divulged but will use to my advantage in tournaments.** hahahha. Ahem.

So in preparation for the upcoming awesome that will be this year's DzC Invaison, I thought ‘let’s make a change’. In the spirit of adventure, trying new things and ohmygod-there’s-a-tourament-coming, I’ve resolved to update my army.

Well, some of it anyway.

Alright fine. So mostly I’m just adding some Caimen.

But why just this change? Well, there’s actually some method to my madness*** given the changes to come in the game.
First up, I love the Caiman – fast moving, packs a punch, and gets over the tissue paper thin ‘oww I stepped on a dandelion’ A7 with 4 DP to back it up. Plus it is bristling with guns, and although they are only E10, it has three shots as well as two E7 extras with infinite range for good measure. This means I’ve got some serious AT going on, and with three of them (2 in one squad, 1 in another) I can realistically be looking at putting some serious hurt on whatever I aim at. Coupled with other army units, we’re looking at a dead Hades turn 2, dice gods willing.

This will also be a nice shock to many players, too used to dealing with the fast capture elements of the Shaltari with tougher, slow moving jaguars as AT support.  I’m looking forward to invasion.

However the second reason for them is insider (now released) info. The Resistance. Say what you like about these flea infested, sandworm-objective swallowing, tonnes of infantry, nasty flyer, evil helicopter owning, disembark and shoot dazzling, nippy bike riding….

hmm. Lost my train of thought…

Basically, there are lots of them, they are kick ass and they will mess with the meta like there’s no tomorrow. Ocelots may be the bane of a PHR commander’s life****, but they don’t swing a battle by killing one gun technical. 3 Caimen, with their 5 shots each and infinite range (most resistance having no passives) can gut a resistance unit a turn and still come out smelling of roses. Matched against the big boys or multiple small threats they can hold their own, and while they don’t have the AA of the jaguar they are cheaper and faster.

So with my future proofed big guns in tow,
I’m looking forward to pasting some human intergalactic hobos

Get to Da Dropship

*Yes, I know that Tarantulas are great. No, I don’t know why I don’t have any either.
**Almost, but not. Because a) why would I do that just to win some games to the detriment of a system I love, b) The Hawk gents are too clued up to let things like that slip and most importantly c) I’m not that smart.
***or maybe just Meth, given the way my list is turning out…
**** yeah you heard me, with your 3+ save. How ‘bout no! Leave the passives to the big boys…(not bitter).


  1. I love your blog, very entertaining. :-)

    1. You are too kind. We enjoy doing it, especially as we all love DzC