Sunday, 28 September 2014

Using All My Resistance To Wait

mMm Shiny

My plan for armies for a long while now has been: Shaltari (tournament awesomeness) > Scourge (fun and general sillyness) > Resistance (art project time). My Shaltari were more or less finished when I first put this plan about, and I had just started my Scourge army. Although I am now two-thirds into having the models I need for my Circus Of Legs, I made the critical error of picking up a Resistance starter set at Invasion.

And oh my, how they shine...

The models are like Sirens (the weird fishy sea bitches, not the latex-clad wire haired PHR bitches), tempting me with their rustic charm and sleek design, singing salty lullabies and whispering sweet nothings into my ear. Holding out on putting brush to these bad boys is difficult, and I know once I start I will lose any resemblance of momentum with the Jellys (which is fairly low as it is). I have earmarked the Resistance to be a project for when I get an airbrush. A lot of my 'hyper-bold' painting style (I've had it referred to as cell-shading style before, which isn't untrue) is due to the fact I am partially colour blind, and find blending certain shades difficult to impossible. I am hoping that one of these sexy-awesome-cheat-sticks will help with this, especially as I plan to have the ground army units (I.e. Jacksons and Hannibals) in an army Khaki. The 'Naval' units (the Hovercraft) will be in blues and greys, I'm undecided there at the moment.

Magnetising mania!
Instead of taking sable to resin though I have been satiated by instead putting everything together, and magnetising mostly everything possible!

My favourite Resi model, the Lifthawks, were first. I have magnetised the VTOL engines, so that they can be positioned in both a flight and landing mode. This change will have literally no affect on anything (apart from maybe engines falling off mid-game), but is a pretty sweet gimmick. As something I have earmarked to be a project, I intend to put as much attention to detail as possible! I also magged up the top sensor thing and the AA turret in case I don't want the AA, and this is fully transferable with the AA on my Gun Wagons if I wish to change things up.

VTOL for the win!
One thing people have pointed out, mainly in reference to the gunners on the Technicals, was the scale of the infantry to the vehicles being off. On inspection they are basically perfect in comparison to a Wagon and Jackson. 

In perfect (N) scale, and looking awesome
I am a big fan of these models. They are the best looking models I have put together in years, and can't wait to finish my Scourge and crack on with them. The plan is to have the bases overgrown swampland, and use a ton of mud and weathering techniques on the bases and vehicles. 

It's not likely that you will hear much from me on the Resistance until I truly crack on with them (most likely next year), but Skullsword will be getting his out this week to battle Mega Mike and his new Shaltari list, so stay tuned for his thoughts!


  1. Good news about the scale of the infantry.

  2. Nice comment about the resistance. I ordered one starter myself and will soon start DzC with them as my first faction.
    Any recommendations what to buy after the starter kit? I suppose drills...? ;-)

    1. One drill is a must, and two would also work. I've seen a lot of lists knocking about without them, but for 50 points I don't understand why you wouldn't take them! Put simply, they will win you games. You find an objective, walk out of your building and have the points in the bag. They are also useful for focal point missions as they contest and you can get units out of them in sneaky places.

      A command unit is what you really need next though, the Alexander is good, my personal preference is the unwieldy Thunderstorm though (I'm not sure on the release date for that though. Cyclones are also excellent, and worth picking up.

  3. Thanks for the advice!
    I will surely get at least one drill. They look amazing and I just recently watched the expanded version of dune. ;-)
    The Thunderstorm however is soo expensive (money). Maybe I will try the Alexander first. I also love the idea of battlebusses fluffwise. Are they good for anything?

  4. In terms on of dropzone I guess it is, but an Alexander and Lifthawk is only a tenner less. The Alex is still a decent ahout though.

    Battlebusses are pretty cool, being able to dump 4-8 bases of infantry in a building should never be overlooked! They are slow, and a little cumbersome though so take a bit of getting used too. I would suggest having freeriders to take objectives which the bus squads find.

  5. That sounds cool. I cannot wait to get my copy of the rules. Freeriders are a must have for me anyways, since I ride motobike. :-)

  6. I now have the book and must agree with your opinion about the commanders: the Thunderstorm seems way better. The pricetag of the Alexander seems to suggest that he has to hold his own against armoured groups. Although I think he simply cannot really survive on his own. And just using him to demolish buildings seems a waste of points.
    But I really like the idea of occupation veterans in battle busses.