Thursday, 30 April 2015

Critical Engagement and Prizes galore

It's time to mobilise your forces

I promise, it's the last reminder about our upcoming tournament, Critical Engagement 2015! - But check out the prize pool!

It is a one day event taking place on Sunday 3rd May, in Tolworth, London (further address details can be found in the pack). 

The rules and mission pack are now live (compiled into one handy document) and can be found with the link below:

Critical Engagement 2015 rules and mission pack

We are playing three missions from the official rulebooks, two of which have been tweaked ever so slightly to make them more viable for all races (amendments to missions also in the pack). 
The tournament scoring system has been changed from the standard Hawk tournament pack too

Tickets are £10.

We still have a few spaces left, and would love to see both familiar and new faces down for the day! 

In case you can only be swayed by prizes - the following are all up for grabs.......there's loads thanks to the generosity of Hawk (and entry fees buying some Blotz buildings).

Blotz centre piece building 6x6

Blotz residential 3x3

Blotz cross building 4x4
Top prize is an Orbital (Bombardment) Defense Laser

Plus a couple of Plastic Starter sets (we think PHR and Shaltari, but not 100%) These come with a halk size KR card case
So there we have it, prizes galore!!

Zombie will be available for demo games and general chit chat as he is refereeing, I would presume that there will be mocking laughter from him too. 

If you have any questions please send us a message at, or simply comment below. 

Also we can answer questions on our Twitter; @OBDZC

All pictures from Blotz and Hawk Wargames websites

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