Monday, 13 April 2015

OB Podcast Episode 6: When Will I, Will I Be Famous?

In answer to the podcast name; I can't answer, I can't answer that. Well I can, but you won't like to hear it: probably never. A question I can answer however, is what is the next podcast about?! It's all about new commanders people!

This episode's recording was situated in Joe's fresh and surprisingly un-squeaky gimp palace, and for the first time in a while we have a full house! The group discuss the new commanders individually going through all aspects of the units, from likes and dislikes, to use within the army.

Note: We were all pretty knackered at the recording of this, so if we gabble on more or talk over each other more than normal, apologies!

00;00;00 - Introductions and welcomes

00;03;25 - News
No news per se, so we instead draft a list of upcoming events and tournaments

00;17;30 - WAYPA?!
The gang run through their hobby

00;50;05 - Gamechangers
We are talking new commanders!
00;52;53 - Ghariel
01;00;55 - Thunderstorm
01;04;13 - Nemesis
01;10;43 - Phoenix
01;14;09 - Oppressor
01;17;48 - List Builds with the new commanders.

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  1. Always good to listen! Thanks.

    BTW It would be very interesting to hear your thoughts on how missions in a tournament as well as tournament points should be. Must it be Hawks tournament pack or do you see other possibilities? How far do you think a TO can go outside the norm and still call it a competitive tournament and where is the line for a soft and relaxed tournament. Can you have both?


    1. Mr Egge, you may have just given us a topic for episode 7.5...

    2. Cool! Think I will try to get a post about it myself on the Swedish blog. Or would you prefer me posting an "answer" as I have done sometimes after one of your posts? Seems fair you could get inspired and take the ideas you like from us instead of me just stealing stuff from you.

      Also, I think it would be great if you guys could post the date you recorded the podcast as well. I remember that sometimes you get it posted in a in-between date (think it was the updated rules on Freeriders). Nothing need to be mentioned in the cast but perhaps a small bit of text to let people know?

    3. We've been toying with this subject for a while, and we keep ebing and flowing between doing and it and not. The problem is, it's not really a good discussion mechanic, but it is a good article. The problem with an article is that it could be too long to type...

      We'll figure something out, but in the meanwhile if you have any thoughts you should get them down, I'd love to hear them!

  2. Nice listen, I agree w/ most points. Especially Type-4 walkers deserving Articulate (and prob 2").

    One way I've tried to use the Gharial aggressively w/o risking your commander is by putting him in a different walker, and a Shaman (CV2) in the Gharial. You lose on SoI range and have to compensate w/ the Gharial and Yari, but it allows the Gharial to sit off the board a few turns and come in where needed. Also makes him less of a juicy target.


    1. That's an interesting point, and one we wouldn't have stumbled upon (I don't think any of us have ever alternately mounted a commander). If anything it makes the unit even more potent!

    2. The first few games it has worked out nicely. I need to play some w/ my lead commander in the Gharial to get some contrast, but I think smart opponents will go after it w/ their fast elements, b/c I either try to use the Gharial and risk my commander, or save him and not use the Gharial.

  3. Great podcast, Guys, thanks!

    I like those lists you all ran thru.

    But it's too late and I've got an early morning meeting, so, Bye-Bye! ;-)

  4. Me and my friend were discussing an idea we had as a buff for the desolator, and wanted to see your opinion of it. Im pretty sure its unnecessary but we were thinking you could lower the energy of the E13 shot to 12, lower its demolisher value and give it devastator 2 and it could hold focal points quite nicely. Do you think its a legit idea or unnecessary? My fears in the idea are that it might be a bit broken, as well as pretty much stopping anyone from using the big blast mode ever again.

    1. It would probably be unnecessary- the only aspect I like about the model is the E13 shot tbh! It's the silly weather machine weapon that I don't like, it's too unreliable. It would work better as a buffer to friendly units within 6", maybe making them harder to hit. I'm not sure really, haven't put a lot of thought to it (not that I have to know, as the oppressor is so bitching).

  5. Great pod cast as always. Looking forward to 2500pt VBR

  6. Nice podcast, thanks. :)

    A fellow Twilight Imperium player?! Awesome game, but I tend to become tired after the first 10 hours of continuous gaming...