Monday, 27 April 2015

Salute 2015 – The Pictures

The almost completed 'Avenger' New Orleans Frigate
It may be late, but I told you they would be up tonight! My free evening was suddenly occupied when I transformed into a giant gorilla and stomped over downtown Manhattan in King of New York. I was beaten by a huge fish in an even bigger nineteen hundreds scuba suit. But that's by the by really.

I present to you beautiful people, Salute 2015 in all it's visual glory! (obviously picture heavy)

Mike gets the wrong idea as to what kind of
exhibition he is demonstrating
Exhibition and demo games in full swing
Getting Hellish with Infernal, and my friends at Wartorn Games
Captain 'Slippery' Pete gets away with Hitler's gold
 And finally, one for all of your personal alone time collections...

Simon, myself and my buddy Mr Folly get
close up and personal