Saturday, 12 April 2014

Resistance is futile - Salute 2014

My dropships bigger than yours
Team Orbital Bombardment is now back from Salute, and you will be pleased to hear that my camera has only just cooled down after taking lots of pics of Hawk's excellent stand and display items, and rather more excitedly pictures of some of the new resistance models!

I have added in below all the pictures you people really want to see; the new Resistance models! I will give a slightly more in depth pan of the day, including some exciting rumours that graced our ears (some of which involving a colossal dropship) and some general pics of the stand. Enjoy!

Resistance dropship
AT tanks
These ones are strange. We think the canopy will hold 3 of the individual gunners from the car models first seen
AA tanks
Sorry for the bad pic, these have no guns so I have no idea. Suicide cars maybe?
Missile silo and bunker terrain
Cars and buses terrain (they are so freaking cool...)


  1. I'm really disappointed, guys! I woke up half an hour ago, saw that you didn't update with more pictures, walked the dog came, back now - still no more updates? What the hell!

    On another note: Ok to borrow your pictures to more easily discuss the new faction and speculate on rules for them?

  2. really felt in love with the dropship, looking forward to see this faction in action