Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spacezone Commander - Salute 2014 and a few rumors (and truths)

We're going to need more Jaguars. Lots more Jaguars.
By now you may have heard the biggest news from Hawk from Salute 2014 (as it is being posted everywhere right now!); they have confirmed that they will be making a new spaceship game with Andy Chambers! Most wargamers will know who Mr Chambers is, and I for one am very excited on the prospect of him and Dave squeezing their brains together for a brand new game! Also I know that he has been commissioned in, so this will still be owned by Hawk Wargames.

The excellent dropship created for Salute, and used to promote the arrival of the new game, has taken over 400 hours of work so far, and isn't quote finished yet! Dave has said that this is the smallest ship that will be in the game and can hold over 50 Condors, so taking into account how much of a stickler he is for scale my mind boggles at how big a capital ship will be. This game won't be due out for a while yet, and I would imagine we will start seeing images and previews in a year or so.

I have added in a few pictures of this excellent project below.

Next up for some news is the Resistance! I overheard that we will being seeing the release of this new faction in July, which also means the new expansion book will be released at that point too. This book will be containing the full Resistance army, much like in the main rulebook with the current 4 races, but I would expect to see the release of models staggered and a modest selection available on release. Also we will get fixed rules for all of the current experimental units, so we will see a few tweaks here and there amongst the them. This should include the Ferrum, which I believe will be more expensive and will limit the focus fire of drones to ground units only.

The Dropship seen in the previous thread will indeed be a 'proper' dropship, and will also have some of the most destructive demolition in the game! It will have a bomb of limited shots (possibly even only 1 shot) which has the potential to cause over 20 damage to building in one turn with average dice rolls! It will also be able to re-roll certain dice (i.e. to hit, and possibly to damage) to make sure that roll of a 1 doesn't ruin your day. Next are just general rumours; they will be the closest to a 'swarm' army in zone (though don't expect to see more than 50-55 units in your army, this is DzC after all), and their key trait is meant to be focus fire on a lot of units.

That is all for now, enjoy the pics of the giant dropship below along with a few pics of the OB team hard at work (including a lovely familyesk photo including Dave, Simon and Louis from Hawk)!
Inside of the ship before the nose is added on
Close up of some of the Condors readying for launch
Port side view
Rear of the ship
New artwork showing the Resistance fighting Scourge, maybe the front of the new expansion book?
Hawk OB chilling with Hawk! From left to right, Hawk Louis, Skullsword, Hawk Dave, Hawk Simon, Mega Mike, Zombiestate, Edchopp and Sgt Slaughter
The boys with their war faces on whilst playing an exhibition game
Enjoying good company and great games
Part of the large DzC diorama
Monorail station
Showing the versatility of city scape


  1. To be fair, there's a lot less room in there than there really should be, you know to run about an entire ucm armoured legion and the ship itself, especially in hangar space and crew quarters.

    1. In terms of that, Dave was discussing the fact that the legion isn't in there for long. He's put space for crew quarters and berths, and a CnC in the centre of the ship, plus there's in there for a week at most supposedly.

  2. Everything is looking great, a space combat system will be great for extended campaign sequences.
    When it comes to the Resistance faction I do hope they are careful when it comes to rerolls. IMO, rerolls are one of several things that broke 40k, don't want anything like that to happen to DZC.

  3. Wow, that's fantastic. What a model!