Saturday, 7 February 2015

Invasion day 1

Hi all, this will be a running post of things happening at invasion this weekend. I will update it periodically during the weekend. Hopefully with how team ob are doing and a few pictures too

Results so far:
MegaMike - 2 wins and a draw 41pts
ZombieState - 3 wins 47 pts
Skull Sword - 2 wins and a draw 43pts
Edchopp - 2 wins and a loss 37 pts
Sgt Slaughter - 1 loss 2 draws 27pts

Pictures and news:
Some lovely new stuff on show see pictures below. 

He looks sad but he's loving it really. ;-)


  1. Should be after 18:00hrs GMT, how does team OB fair?

  2. I am happy to report we are doing well! OB members are on tables 1,2,3 and 6!

    Pics to come tonight, including high def pics of the new boss units.

  3. Thanks for all the sweet "DzC porno" picks Sirs.
    Best of luck day 2.