Tuesday, 24 February 2015

World Champion MegaMikes Invasion Day 2

Day 2 was certainly sponsored by Red Bull!
So Day 2, 2 games to go and I'm trailing the leaders by a few points thanks to a draw in game 3. In this post I will talk through my last 2 games and some conclusions on my army

Game 4
Bunker Assault

Adam Reeve (finished 7th)
Resistance – Allied
2 Drills
Alexander (CV3) Lifthawk (AA), 2 Cyclones
3 Gun Wagon Kraken, 2 Cyclones
6 bases of Res Fighters 3 Jacksons (1 spider launcher) Lifthawk (AA)
2 Zhukovs Lifthawk (AA)
2 Freeriders, 2 Freeriders
Helhog (extra Ammo)

Ground units and troops win you this mission. Something Adam had little of. A really tough match up for him. He only has 3 squads of res fighters, but I was afraid of the free riders. Unfortunately I don’t think they were used well, they should have been far more offensive. Also Adam brought his Helhog on out of my AA bubble and shot at my Coyote for most of the game, I'm not sure this worked too well, I think he should have gone for my Caimen as it was doing more damage and is more mobile. Adam removed my gates quite early, but not early enough as I had my troops where I wanted them, I saw that Adam had a lot of AA, so I knew I needed to be where i wanted to be as early as I could.
I should have won by more but forgot to say I was activating a haven in the last turn to contest his objective after I had put into action a plan that started in turn 4. I guess I was too excited to achieve my plan and started moving my Firedrake before saying I was activating my Haven. The Dreamsnare was awesome against free riders, just annihilated them. Take note Resistance players DO NOT put Freeriders anywhere near a Dreamsnare 24 E4 shots do serious damage. 
I killed mostly everything I needed to, his Alex remained pretty ineffectual, although he did bag himself a Jag which made me worry for the last couple of turns. I owned 4 bunkers at the end Adam owned 1 and contested 3

8-5 in vps, 1 kp bonus (585 - 402) - 14-6 in tps  

Game 5
Take and Extract

Joe Whiddett (finished 8th)
Resistance – Allied
Alexander CV3 Lifthawk (AA), 6 Gun Technical
3 Gun Wagon Kraken
3 Gun Wagon Kraken
6 bases of Res Fighters 3 Jacksons Lifthawk
2 Hannibals Lifthawk (AA) 2 Cyclones
2 Freeriders 2 MFR Raven, 2 MFR Raven

So final game of the tournament and I'm on table 2 against Team OBs SkullSword. Tournament points don’t really do the game justice. Joe gave me a really really tight game. Joe found both objectives on turn 2…..I really didn't need to see that. I needed 1 turn of grace to tie up his MFRs. I had a plan to get to his Res Fighters building, but when he found his objectives there was nothing I could do but retreat and make sure I extracted my objectives. I lined the windows to stop the Mother F**king Recons coming in, put my Yaris in a sneaky place, then remembered the EC +2 grr. My AA was impotent. I stuffed more braves to make sure I could escape by only allocating 1 squad to repel. I found both my objectives and concentrated on killing Joe's ground units. 
I think Joe should have handed his objective (that he found with MFRs to his resistance fighters and kept the extra MFR squad on the table. 
There was a huge fight for the middle, I was slowly killing his stuff, Joe could hit well, I failed the majority of my passive saves but he just could not wound. Everything was in the middle at the end, even MFRs in the open (which duly got removed by the Dreamsnare) but I kind of knew I would own it from turn 4. It was all about kill points. I wish I had a photo of the carnage in the centre at the end - it was awesome.

6-5 in vps, 4 kp bonus (922 - 187) - 15-5 in tps

My army all lined up ready for judgement

Full shot of the spikey purple hedgehogs
Collecting my winnings!! A happy bunny. Dave is so happy to be sharing stage space with me.


My list was superb. I knew it would be, I hadn't lost a practice game with it. I still however, made a few mistakes along the way. I have only been playing Shaltari for 4 months, and including the tournament I've probably had about 15-20 games with them, so I am still relatively new to the gate usage and declaring their actions before each activation etc. What I'm saying is, I think I could have done better. I learned a lot over the weekend. 
I'm chuffed that the team won too. We all play at a high level, and to win with 5 members on average score is not easy. 

Would I take Shaltari again? I'm not sure. I definitely prefer the way Scourge and UCM play, they suit my play-style. I like to play aggressively. Before I picked up a Scourge army I ran my UCM as a very aggressive, in your face force. Then I played the Scourge and it was in your face squared!! With the new secondary commanders coming out I am really looking forward to getting back to Scourge and UCM (plus the updated command cards)
If I take Shaltari - it will be a very different list. I really want to try and incorporate a Totem Warspire and possibly the fast mover too.

Hope you have enjoyed my little recap, my next tournament will be the UK games Expo. It's a one day tournie and I'll take Scourge or UCM but who knows which?!?!? 


  1. Thx for the day 2 report. Can you even play in Tournies anymore or just ones not sponsored by HWG?


  2. It's not mike who has gone to work for hawk, it was GTTDS.

  3. Yeah I'm free to do what I want, maybe if I wasn't married (sorry ladies) and have kids I would love to work for Hawk. Unfortunately I have to earn money, and my whole Engineering degree would be a waste if I didn't use it!!!
    So don't worry, I'm here for the long haul

  4. My bad, I thought the guy who won it all got the job too.

    1. That would have been such a cool first prize!

      A great read, Mike! I really love the heartwarming remarks of our game :-)


  5. I hope Hawk are doing really well financially and able to grow more.

    1. Although I have no true idea, they have taken on 2 staff members on 4 months and are releasing a new game this year, so I think their good!

    2. I hope so too Sword.
      I really like where the game is going, and the care in which Dave Lewis and all of the Hawk team take over the new units and existing units.