Friday, 20 February 2015

OB Podcast Episode 4.5: Postvasion

The much anticipated, exonerated, accelerated, exfoliated, incinerated, enunciated, deliberated, emaciated... I've forgotten where I was going with this...

Oh that's right, podcast episode 4.5 is here for all of you who seek to hear some whimsical tales of battle!
As the name suggests this is our Invasion breakdown, so please bear with us if we drag our stories on a bit. Once you get a gamer talking about their favourite RPG character, or in our case, the best parts of some hard won (and lost) games we tend to prattle on. As a treat for those of you who make it to the end though, you get to hear the results of the glamorous OBies! For the people who haven't listened to episode 4 or who have just forgotten, we ran an in house competition in which the object was to correctly predict various results from the tourney. Not only is there laughter, but there are prizes too; prizes so glamorous your toes will melt in envy.

On top of all of this we recap news from Invasion, with our own thoughts on what has been revealed.

Introductions 0.00.00 - Dan forgets to introduce anyone!!

News 0.02.10 - News from Invasion, new units arriving imminently and new units that are work in progress. Lots of speculation, also we may slightly stray off topic...

Warstories 0.32.45 - Stories from Invasion, going through our games and opponents, what we liked and didn't like

The OBies 1.28.40 - This is what everyone has been waiting for!!!

If you have any questions about any of our games, or that on our thoughts of the news topics, please comment below!

Mega Mike:
So to the OBies, probably the most prestigious awards of our time. All the stars were in attendance, there was former Champion ZombieState, and World Champion MegaMike and a host of others.

The awesome array of prizes on offer, all bought from Poundland!

So points were awarded for how well we could predict each others finishing position etc there were a possible 30 points on offer!

So in last place by a long long way with 2 whole points was MegaMike. He may be good with his Shaltari, but he is utter shite at predicting!
The 5th placed prize......a turkey baster!!

 In joint 3rd Edchopp and ZombieState with 8 points each

yes that is a porcelain thermometer in the shape of a butt plug toadstool
Can anyone spot Zombie hiding behind his prize?
 So in 1st place was Skullsword and Sgt Slaughter. Unfortunately the Serg couldn't be there to collect his award, so Zombie collected on his behalf.

mm mmm mmmm tango jaffa cakes!!

probably the greatest prize known to man. A bag of plastic soldiers!!!!

Well I am certainly looking forward to the next round of OBies! TTFN zoners

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  1. An hour and a half of painting here I come. The best way to spend a saterday morning.

    THanks guys!

  2. Great pod cast. Its the dollor store across the pod too.

    1. As the conversion rate stands, that's a bargain- I'm coming over for prizes for the next OBies! Might have to start donations for the flights though...

  3. Great podcast, Guys!

    MIKE! - Read the flippin' fluff, you jammy git!
    (Did I say that right? Honestly, a lot of what you guys banter about goes over my Yankee head, but it's still great fun to listen to, I just have to backup a bunch of times to catch what you're saying, and even then some of the Brit colloquialisms shoot past me.)
    Seriously, though, MIKE! - Read the flippin' fluff! It's fantastic stuff, great sci-fi, very original (I think), and explains why a lot of stuff is what it is and does what it does. Next time you have a rainy day (wait, that's like every day over there, isn't it? Hmmm...) next time you have a broken leg and can't stand up to get in a game for a while, crack open the v1.1 Core Rulebook and start from the inside cover, and read all the way thru. Then open up Reconquest: Phase 1, wash, rinse, repeat, and you'll become ~enlightened~!...


    (And, Guys, ease up on Ed a bit, will you? At least he took the high road and brought an army that's actually a ~challenge~ to win a tournament with!... (Ooo, yeah, I said that...)


    Looking forward to the next podcast!...

    1. I may read the fluff, but reading sci-fi isn't what I like to read. I love the game and the models, just not interested in any of the background. It was the same with 40k (when it was good).
      We can't leave Ed alone, he loves the attention!

    2. You're just like my friend, John, who never reads the fluff but usually wins the tournaments! LOL!

      And it's not pure sci-fi in the same vein as Heinlein or Arthur C. Clarke, et al, it's more the geo-political (or space-faring equivalent) background that provides purpose to function... You'll gain a greater appreciation of the rules and why they are what they are... But I might be yelling at the tide to stop coming in, so I'll stop here. As long as you love the game, that's all that really matters... 8^D

    3. (Why is it that whenever I read and/or comment on this blog site, that I end up thinking in a British accent? And sometimes for many minutes afterward?!? I must be channeling my paternal grandparents, who emigrated from England to Canada, and then to the States... Cor, blimey!...

    4. It's nice to see that we're bringing out the best in you guvnor ;)

  4. Love these podcasts. I listen on the train to and from work.

    1. Cheers fella, glad we can make public transport bearable!

    2. Thanks for the nice comments, we really like making them