Tuesday, 3 February 2015

OB Podcast Episode 4: Prevasion

Bonjour, hallo, hola, hallĂ„, and hello to all Dropzoners out there. It is with great delight that we give you our pre Invasion podcast or Prevasion podcast.

This time we talk about actual news from Hawk and some really exciting stuff coming out. We discuss our lists for the upcoming tournament and open day and we introduce the OBies.

Introductions 0:0:00

News 0:3:40

  • New scenery pack
  • Famous Commanders
  • New models
  • Seek peek of Scourge command choice
  • Command cards 1.1

What you playin' at? 0:19:45

  • Run through each of our lists
  • What do we think we will fight the most
  • What missions do we think will be played

The OBies 1:01:30

  • How do we think each other will do at Invasion 

Coming next time 1:07:30

  • Postvasion podcast
  • Interview with Dave

If you are at Invasion, come and say hi, if not I will try to put up some progress posts during the weekend. 
What a beast. Can't wait to add him to my Scourge

So here are the predictions.....please don't judge us
All sounds effects used in the Orbital Bombardment Podcast are from http://www.freesfx.co.uk


  1. Love the cast guys. Wish I could go to invasion but live in the states. Dropzone is my first miniature game and love it. Keep it up.

    1. Really glad you listen, we love making the casts, hope you're enjoying the world of wargaming. What army do you play?

  2. Great pod as always! Maybe I will battle against some of you this weekend. :)
    Looking forward to that goodiebag! I didn't know they have that!

  3. Nice podcast guys!
    I do have a Q for Dave it's about the E of the UCM gateling cannons.
    Why do they all have E3 when the heavy machine gun has E4?
    Now only the sabre/rapier can defend them selfs against prowler, whill in serveral interviews Dave has said that prowler are vuneralble to machine gun fire of UCM tanks.

    I hope you are enjoying invasion!

    1. Cheers fella!

      Sadly over the course of the weekend, and the madness it is I completely forgot to ask your question... I'm sorry!

      We do have an awesome interview with news of new plans coming on very soon, which I hope makes up for it!

    2. Nevermind. Congrats on 3th and best paintend!
      I'll try to give you a run for your money in september, Atleast for best paintend;)
      I'll be sure to listen in!


    3. Thanks buddy! Looking forward to seeing your force.