Sunday, 8 February 2015

Invasion day 2 and interview with Dave Lewis

The moment the Asylum empties
What a day, what a weekend.
We've all had a tremendous time. It was great to meet so many new and old faces. Big shout out to the guys over at DZC Sweden, it's a massive trip, they seemed to really enjoy the event too.

So, the results.......  Drum roll please:

Edchopp - 15th
Sgt Slaughter - 11th
SkullSword - 8th
ZombieState - 3rd
MegaMike - 1st place baby!!!! I'm so happy, but more on this in a different post

Team OB won the team event by 2 points! Good team effort chaps.

Oh and ZombieState won best painted for his sexy Scourge. A massive well done to him for that, there was some stiff competition.

During lunch today, we managed to get a quick interview with Dave Lewis, creator of the game we love:

Zombiestate edit: I'd also like to thank every Hawk member that worked to make this event happen, and a special thanks to Dave for giving us his lunch/chicken fillet break. If you have any questions on anything discussed in the interview, or about the tourney in general, we will do our best to answer you!

Dave talking about the time he was on a well awesome podcast

Hawk Simon gives his rendition of 'My way'

Skullsword wins a spot prize for his awesome Diorama scene
Al Pidwell winner of most sporting.
Not bad at all for a guy whose first 5 games of Dropzone happened over the weekend!

Third Place and Best Painted, not a bad tournament for Zombiestate! 
David Bonner takes second place, well done that man! 
MegaMike is Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!
Team Sweden, props to these great guys who came from distant lands.
Only for a bunch of reprobates to photobomb them

All sounds effects used in the Orbital Bombardment Podcast are from


  1. Thx for the updates this weekend. I'll have to listen to interview later (@ work). Congrades to team OB.


  2. Well done, Gents! I hope to make it there someday... 8^D

  3. Wow! I just listened to the little podcast you've got here, and it's a real gem! Everyone needs to hear this. Great stuff, great interview, great job, really glad to hear everything that Dave disclosed (even about Freeriders!)!!!

    Thanks for that! Now I'm off to the Forum to let everyone know they need to come give this a listen...

    1. Cheers for the plug fella, your support is appreciated!

    2. Seconded with the thanks always nice to hear people liking our stuff.

  4. Well done with the interview! Was great to hear!
    and congrats to Mega Mike for winning!

  5. I posted the question on the swedish blog but think it is hard to see there unless you follow it. After facing my army, Mike - do you feel any different for it?

    Thanks again for all, guys!


    1. I will reply to your question on your blog - it's only fair

  6. Thanks for a lovely weekend!

    You crazy sods... ;)

    1. It was great to meet you guys, hopefully you can make it to the next one, or we can come to Sweden some time!

  7. Fantastic interview. Hearing Dave talk about how they got it a bit wrong with gunships has really encouraged me to keep going with DZC as my main game. I heard the OB podcast on gunships and then realised how poor the Thunderbird actually is. Having played the game for a while now, I'm starting to spot anomalies like that. But Dave's totally open about it. I'm looking forward to the future tweaks. DZC is going to stay my favourite wargame for a long time, I think.

    1. I totally agree, its really refreshing hearing a games designer admit they got something wrong. All too often I think designers feel that to admit a mistake is to call the whole system into question.
      I think that by admitting an error Dave has taken any criticism on the chin and really shown that he cares how the gaming community feels. Obviously this can go too far but I think Dave is very steadfast in his vision for the game so this won't happen.